With volvo over snow and ice

If a good friend asked you whether you would like to step on the gas a little bit, then as a child of the Ruhr area and a car lover you would ask yourself two things: “Where, if you please?” And “With what?”.

Well, one thing can be answered quickly: where? In the south of Germany, in Austria, in the Driving Center Hintersee. But if the answer to question two were “with a Volvo”, you would certainly look skeptical at first.

Volvo is generally known for comfort and functionality rather than driving fun and action, but wrongly! And if you think about it for a moment, it doesn’t sound that far: Who could brave cool temperatures and take advantage of them instead than a Scandinavian?!

As a bleeding snow beginner, I was allowed to step on the gas on a groomed route between the mountains with several all-wheel drive models from the Swedes and I noticed one thing very quickly with all of them: All of these companions give more safety on snow than expected. But if you want to, you can have a lot of fun in the corners.

Personally, the XC60 in elegant brown appealed to me the most, but it was especially exciting with the V60 D6 AWD. The three different modes of the plug-in hybrid can be tested and felt extremely well on snow. While “Pure” lets you glide around the bend in a purely electric and thus almost silently, “Hybrid” turbo diesel and electric motor work together in a balanced way. Understandably, however, this only worked moderately on the ice. The sliding confused the V60 too much. The “Power” mode provided a remedy. Here the Volvo delivers the greatest possible power and that is exactly what has been carried over to the corners of the mouth. With a little gas into the curve and a little push with the right foot and the big one was standing across. It was guaranteed not to be boring.

With all the fun you can have with a Volvo, it should not be forgotten that these vehicles are also good companions on longer journeys. A real “standard comfort” has emerged at Volvo, which makes every design pleasant – be it the seat or the operation. That made driving through the ups and downs of the mountains very relaxed and flowing. So much so that even a herd of deer became curious and came a little closer to my companion, the S60.

So what do you do when someone asks you if you want to take them over snow and ice in a new Volvo? Say yes and quickly pack your bag!

You can find more about the new Drive-E motors not only here in our blog, but also at passion: driving.

Text: Larissa Rutkowski

Photos: Larissa Rutkowski

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