Winter is approaching- prepare now with new kungs products


Even if it doesn’t look like it outside, winter is literally just around the corner. So now it is time to prepare for the coming wet, cold and probably snowy season. It is not only important to pack yourself well and thickly, but also to prepare your own car. The Finnish car accessories manufacturer KUNGS now has a new product on offer, which is specifically focused on the rather wet rather than snowy German region. 

AQUA-IS for the mild winter in Germany

The new AQUA-IS is an ice scraper with a squeegee. That is to say, a variant that can easily free the car from ice but also hoarfrost. The rotating scraper blade and the sharp ice teeth take care of the frost on the panes if necessary. With a furrow to remove ice and snow from the wiper blades, even such often forgotten little things are thought of. By means of the folding function, the wiper head can be placed in a horizontal and vertical position, which on the one hand makes handling easier and on the other hand simplifies stowing. At 200 grams, the polypropylene and polycarbonate model is also very light. And until winter finally strikes, the rubber lip is used, which can remove the hoarfrost from the windows without leaving any streaks.

Compact, robust ice scraper

Anyone who has come to terms with the hoarfrost will also be served by KUNGS. The MID-IS is just a small, compact, yet robust ice scraper. Made from the same materials, the 25 centimeter long ice scraper weighs just 72 grams. Available in metallic blue, black or silver, the little companion fits into any door shelf. With a ten centimeter wide scraper part, it doesn’t take long for the ice to be removed from the slices.

For the big onset of winter: TELE-IS

If the big onset of winter comes again, you are probably best prepared with the TELE-IS from KUNGS. Here a whisk is combined with the ten centimeter wide ice scraper. But the highlight is clearly the telescopic rod, which extends the length from 77 to 105 centimeters with just one movement. So the snow can easily be swept off the vehicle roof without getting wet yourself.

  • AQUA-IS: 9.50 euros (RRP), silver-gray
  • MID-IS: 3.90 euros (RRP), blue metallic, black or silver
  • TELE-IS: 16.90 euros (RRP), white

Photos: KUNGS

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