Will volvo replace the v40 with a -further- crossover-

Actually, the new Volvo V40 should be presented this year, at least that’s how it should run according to the product cycle. Because the current Volvo V40 has been rolling off the assembly line since 2012, making it the last Volvo model on the old Ford C1 platform. But the classic market for compact vehicles has meanwhile lost so much of its importance that a “direct” successor to the Volvo V40 will probably no longer come.

No direct successor to the Volvo V40

The rumor comes from the hatchback country number one UK. Lex Kerssemakers, member of the Volvo board of directors, is said to have told autocar that the V40 would not be replaced directly, but by a high-quality model. In other words, the classic compact car will give way to the next crossover. The reason for this is not only the ongoing SUV boom, but also Volvo customers.

SUVs sell better and better – V40 is weak

Those are said to have switched from a V40 to an XC40 in large numbers. Worldwide, Volvo was able to sell 77,587 units of the V40 last year. That is 23% less than in 2017. In comparison, the SUVs, such as the XC60 with 189,459 units, are significantly higher. More than 150,000 units are expected from the XC40 for the first full sales year 2019.

The old Ford platform also holds the V40 back, as it is not suitable for electrification like the SPA and CMA platforms are. The successful XC40 carries Volvo through the segment almost on its own, but they want to introduce another body variant. Instead of a successor to the V40, however, they opted for something “more creative”.

Lower SUV coupe next to the XC40?

With this decision, Volvo will probably say goodbye to the compact segment for a short time, because production of the still current V40 will end this year. The new vehicle, which is supposed to take inspiration from the 40.2 Concept, will be another two to three years away. Without Volvo having used an exact name, a kind of SUV coupé or something similar seems very likely. A lower version of the XC40 but with a smooth sloping roof line.

Photo: Fabian Meßner

Source: autocar

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