Why apple carplay gets in its own way

The list of vehicles that support Apple CarPlay is long. Now more than 100 pieces, including common models from Audi, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Suzuki, Seat, Skoda, VW and Volvo. But effectively this does not help us, since practically nothing has changed since the introduction of Apple CarPlay. MirrorLink (Android) has long outstripped the system, because more is possible with it. The reason CarPlay is stagnating is Apple itself.

It’s not like the developers aren’t making an effort. Apart from Spotify, there is no support for other (globally) used apps. Mainly, among 12 examples, apps from the American app store for Apple CarPlay are mentioned. The reason for the stagnation is Apple itself. Because Cupertino does not react to the developers. There are several proven examples, for example from the podcast player Castro, whereby Apple does not respond to the developers’ inquiries.

The problem in Apple CarPlay is Apple!

Because anyone who wants to add a CarPlay module to their app needs the approval of Apple. The iOS developer has to contact Apple and, on the other hand, Apple would have to respond to the requests. In the end, as we can all see in the car, as soon as we plug in the iPhone, Apple turns a blind eye and ears to the developers.

In its current status, Apple CarPlay has zero added value. With MirrorLink and the corresponding Android device, things look very different. Just one example of many is the “Cam Connect” app that was recently presented at the Tiguan launch. The image of one (or more) GoPro cameras is streamed to the Android device via WiFi, which in turn is connected to MirrorLink. The images from the camera can then be seen almost instantaneously on the large infotainment screen. Just one of many features that the “unsafe” Android has ahead of the Apple system. Not to mention the driving-related apps such as Glympse or parking apps or traffic information. Apple doesn’t get any of it.

Innovations have been missing for a long time

Where are the innovations that Steve Jobs once drove? The brand lacks any groundbreaking ideas or even food for thought in this area. Are you currently trying compulsively to push ahead with a brilliant idea yourself before you allow the developers of non-Apple apps to enter? It can’t be that difficult to allow the most popular and relevant apps to access Apple CarPlay? Especially since the developers repeatedly show their willingness to install the CarPlay module. If this continues, Apple will soon have lost one more chance.

Photo: Volvo XC90, Apple CarPlay

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