The new ford fiesta st with a three-cylinder engine

With the eighth generation of the Fiesta comes the third generation of the Fiesta ST. That celebrates its world premiere in Geneva, but was presented in advance in a video. The most striking innovation is the engine. The old 1.6-liter four-cylinder was thrown out and replaced with a 1.5-liter ecoboost three-cylinder. In terms of performance, however, the Fiesta ST clearly improves with 200 hp.

1.5-liter three-cylinder in the new Ford Fiesta ST

According to Ford, the 1.5-liter turbo engine is a new development from Ford Performance. The three-cylinder engine develops a maximum of 147 kW / 200 PS, i.e. as much as the ST200. The torque is 290 Nm and provides an acceleration of 6.7 seconds to 100 km / h. With all this data it is on the exact level of the ST200. However, he can still give him a lesson on CO2 emissions. Thanks to cylinder deactivation, this value is only 114 grams of CO2 per km. From its market launch in Germany in 2018, the Fiesta ST will not only be very customizable, but also available as three- and five-door models.

“Active” sports exhaust system

In addition to three driving modes, the “Electronic Sound Enhancement” and an active sports exhaust system are also something new for the 1.5-liter ecoboost. The engine was equipped with technologies from the 1.0-liter engine, including direct gasoline injection and variable camshaft adjustment. There were new paddle wheels for the turbocharger, so that it responds earlier and this is also reflected in the response behavior of the engine. The combination of manifold injection and direct gasoline injection results in a high output with higher efficiency at low speeds. When the cylinder is switched off, the injection and the valves in a combustion chamber are deactivated in overrun mode or at constant speed. According to Ford, switching on and off takes place within 14 milliseconds.

Three driving modes including track mode

Also new are three driving modes, which affect the engine, steering, exhaust sound and the electronic helpers. In normal mode, all systems are activated to provide support. Sport mode allows the accelerator and engine to respond more spontaneously. The steering should be a little more direct and the sound in the interior a little more intense. In track mode, traction control is deactivated and the ESC is reduced to a higher control threshold. The ESC can also be completely deactivated.

On the front axle, torque vectoring ensures smooth cornering through selective braking interventions. In terms of equipment, there are many decorative elements available for the cockpit, as well as the Recaro seats from the predecessor. In addition, the new Fiesta ST rolls on exclusive 18 inchers. As with the Fiesta, there is an 8-inch touchscreen in the center console and the B is optional&O Play sound system available.

Photos: Ford

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