Rüsselsheim chic- the new opel insignia grand sport

With the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport, the Rüsselsheim-based company is opening an important new chapter. The mid-range sedan is up to 175 kilograms lighter than its predecessor, comes with the aerodynamics of a coupé and, above all, with fresh design features, as well as the latest generation of IntelliLux LED headlights enclosed in it.

Coupé or limousine ?! The new Insignia Grand Sport

The Opel flagship has been stretched 92 millimeters in the wheelbase, which is particularly evident in the interior. The rear passengers will be happy. Thanks to its stretched silhouette, the Insignia Grand Sport also looks like new in the style of a large coupé with a drag coefficient of 0.26. As a driver, you now sit three centimeters lower than before in order to feel better connected to the vehicle.

When it comes to extras, the new Insignia Grand Sport does everything that Opel could make possible. In addition to the new headlights, there is the Lane Keeping Assist, as well as a head-up display and a 360-degree camera. The famous AGR seats are also on board and the latest version also has massage functions. In addition, the outer rear seats can now also be heated.

The Monza Concept in series

The design refers back to the Monza Concept from 2013. Features of this can be found particularly in the bonnet and in the sideline. A sporty trait that Opel has otherwise sorely missed so far and is making a big splash with the Insignia Grand Sport. The sedan has now grown by 55 millimeters to a total length of 4,897 mm. The body shell alone has lost around 60 kilograms, which should primarily improve the driving impression. The track was widened by 11 millimeters, while the roof is now 29 mm lower.

The trunk now measures 490 to a maximum of 1,450 liters. The cockpit is clearly oriented towards the driver, as it is built around the driver. In and of itself it looks like in the Astra, but is still slightly turned towards the driver.

At the start of the market only turbo engines and an interesting AWD drive

When it comes to drives, the Opel Insignia Grand Sport relies exclusively on turbo engines for the market launch. There is also a new, friction-optimized eight-speed automatic. Those should be characterized by high shift comfort, but for the time being they can only be combined with all-wheel drive. According to Opel, this is also completely new, is based on two electrically controlled multi-plate clutches and thus replaces the rear axle differential. This is to ensure an individual power transmission to each rear wheel. This can be referred to as active torque vectoring, with the wheel on the outside of the bend receiving more drive torque. The optimized FlexRide chassis also ensures ideal traction.

Of course, the latest IntelliLink system is also on board the Insignia Grand Sport, which also includes the 4G LTE hotspot.

Photos: Opel

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