Bmw 520d xdrive touring test – the first of many mild hybrids

Electrification continues through the model series. The BMW 520d xDrive Touring is one of the first models from the Munich-based company to be somewhat more efficient, at least on the roll, with the mild hybrid. But the mild hybrid from Bavaria can do more so only the paper can be beautiful. The small change has a big effect – and that with every driving style. More about this in our video driving report.

Video driving report BMW 520d xDrive Touring

Not recognizable as a mild hybrid from the outside

From the outside, no not even from the name, one would recognize that this is about improved drive technology. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 190 hp (400 Nm) is probably one of the most popular drives in Munich. Nothing changes numerically here either. Nevertheless, with the belt-driven starter generator (RSG) there is still another little helper. With 8 kW / 11 PS, the diesel engine is relieved on the one hand, and supported on the other.

Bmw 220d Gran Coupé test- it depends on the angle of view

New segment with known parts. The “first ever” BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé is entering a new segment for Bavaria. One that is principally determined by the main competitor Mercedes-Benz CLA. The concept is hardly different here and yet one or the other thing is approached a little differently. Above all the design. In the end, however, what counts is how the BMW 220d Gran Coupé drives and how it distinguishes itself from the BMW 1 Series?

You love it … or you don’t

The design of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe divides it. Some people who are already wondering what has been going on in the BMW design department over the past few years immediately turn away from the vehicle. Others, however, welcome the “other” approach. The compact four-door coupé can hardly be compared with the significantly softer CLA. Especially the monstrous, powerful rear end is a topic in itself. Sometimes attractive from a high angle, but easily mistaken for the new X6 from a low angle. At the front, however, the bonnet stretches a little longer than on the 1 Series and the front is wider. Overall more pleasing than the 1 Series, but this design also remains controversial. Apart from the rear area – more on this in our video driving report – the cockpit is again identical to the new BMW 1 Series.

Bmw 330d xdrive touring -g21- driving report

The sports station wagon is in its sixth generation. It is indeed the seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series, but the Touring station wagon variant was first presented with the E30. Today’s G21 is presented in the first test as the BMW 330d xDrive Touring, currently the most powerful diesel variant with a 265 hp in-line six-cylinder diesel engine.

Not a “mass engine” but definitely worthy of the sports station wagon

The engine may not be the mass model. But you very quickly find pleasure in the smooth-running, powerful acceleration of the unit. Especially since the 330d looks far more agile than the 320d that was still driven in the sedan, which probably symbolizes the “mass model”. Thus, for the statement about the sports station wagon, a unit with six cylinders may be required. In this version with xDrive all-wheel drive, rear axle locking differential and adaptive chassis, the BMW 3 Series Touring also cuts a dynamic figure. 

Bmw 320i sedan in long-term test

The classic among sports sedans. The BMW 3 Series. Especially a welcome guest, but after various sports versions with real power under the hood, it is time to ask whether a BMW 320i still kicks in. The answer: the 3 Series doesn’t care which engine is working under the hood, it always lets the athlete hang out. More about this in the driving report.

BMW 320i: the tame variant of the B48 engine

The test car is powered by the 4-cylinder turbo engine, which is also found in the more powerful 330i variant. Here, however, there are almost tame 184 PS and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The latter, however, is available from 1,350 tours. So one thing is assured, here too you can cross. Perhaps this means that the BMW 320i is not as lively on the road as is the case with the 330i, which can also have the optional M Sport differential. Unfortunately, this option is missing in the all-world motorization. A small downer. After all, you are not often tempted to let your rear wheels suffer.