Nissan juke nismo rs- an exciting type among lifestyle enthusiasts

Nissan dominates the crossover segment with a market share of almost 30%, but the spirits argue about the Nissan Juke – it is either loved or hated. The JUKE NISMO RS stands out from the crowd, but it wants to be understood. We did a lap with him.

First of all, the sportiest variant of the unconventionally styled Juke is the most powerful so far with an increase in output of 18 hp / 30 Nm for the front-wheel drive version and 14 hp for the all-wheel drive version. In addition, the Juke NISMO RS has a mechanical limited-slip differential on the front axle, provided you order the 2WD version. The brake discs at the front have increased in diameter by 24 mm, the rear system no longer heats up as quickly thanks to internally ventilated discs. There is already a tendency to use the front-wheel drive for driving fun, which the unfortunately not revised automatic ultimately forces you to do – it doesn’t matter which setup you drive, Nissan’s smallest crossover just doesn’t want to spurt forwards.

Better to shift manually, because that works perfectly and the 100 km / h limit falls from a standstill after just 7 seconds – you have a good one second advantage here on the CVT. The grippy Alcantara sports steering wheel is in your hands no matter when you turn. Curves are fun despite the vehicle’s high center of gravity, because the diff does the job well enough to prevent understeer. It should be said that the power steering has also been revised. Optional Recaro bucket seats give hope that the Juke NISMO RS is a possible trackcar, but here you have to pull out your index finger. You can have fun with the vehicle on the road as well as on the racetrack, but we are talking about a lifestyle vehicle that has been made sporty.

It just wears the NISMO branding, which further enhances the look of the facelift (body kit with red accents and deeper aprons including side skirts), however, does not convince die-hard fans of the in-house tuner. But with the right perspective, the juke that is made afloat is good for me as a daily driver that always attracts attention. Ingenious seating position and a silhouette made for the big city and trips out of it. For 28,200 euros, the Juke NISMO RS is no longer an inexpensive vehicle and you should think twice about whether you are looking for an extroverted car or a compact sports car. The sales statistics make it clear that the lifestyle product is also perceived that way: 50% buy the Juke Nismo only as a 2WD.

Text / Photos: Stefan Maaß

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