New peugeot rifter- new name and dress for the -partner-

Groupe PSA has already presented two out of three high-roof combos. Now follows with the Peugeot Rifter – formerly partner – the third version. This again clearly stands out from the Berlingo and Combo, not least because of the optional all-wheel drive thanks to the support of “Dangel”.

Peugeot Rifter with exclusive details such as LED headlights

Like the two colleagues, the Peugeot Rifter is available in two lengths. Special features of the second French variant are primarily the optics or the LED headlights. It clearly shows the lion inside and out. Especially inside through the Peugeot i-cockpit, which also includes the compact steering wheel and the displays positioned above. The 8-inch touchscreen in the center console is identical in terms of software and hardware, as is the case with Combo and Berlingo.

The only EMP2 platform vehicle with optional all-wheel drive

On the outside, the Peugeot Rifter can be made a little sportier with an optional GT Line, which can be seen on the rims, front and rear aprons. But the approach of the drive is also interesting. In addition to the Grip Control and special Michelin Lattitude Tour Mud & Snow tires, all-wheel drive is also available for the EMP2 platform. However only for the rifter and only through the partnership with “Dangel”. How exactly this works is currently not known; the all-wheel drive will probably be installed at a later date at Dangel.

Additional small 75 hp diesel in the Rifter

The engines are also congruent. Optionally 110 or 130 PS as diesel or gasoline engine. However, a 75 hp version of the 1.5-liter diesel with a 5-speed manual transmission is also available in the Rifter. All five units meet the new Euro 6d-temp emissions standard.

Photos: Peugeot

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