Bmw 520d xdrive touring test – the first of many mild hybrids

Electrification continues through the model series. The BMW 520d xDrive Touring is one of the first models from the Munich-based company to be somewhat more efficient, at least on the roll, with the mild hybrid. But the mild hybrid from Bavaria can do more so only the paper can be beautiful. The small change has a big effect – and that with every driving style. More about this in our video driving report.

Video driving report BMW 520d xDrive Touring

Not recognizable as a mild hybrid from the outside

From the outside, no not even from the name, one would recognize that this is about improved drive technology. The 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 190 hp (400 Nm) is probably one of the most popular drives in Munich. Nothing changes numerically here either. Nevertheless, with the belt-driven starter generator (RSG) there is still another little helper. With 8 kW / 11 PS, the diesel engine is relieved on the one hand, and supported on the other.

Driving impression of the BMW 520d xDrive with mild hybrid technology

The RSG also feeds the 48-volt on-board network via brake recovery (or in overrun mode). From this he draws his energy again for later when he starts an engine that is imperceptible. It is also essential to deactivate the diesel engine in sailing mode. The driver can choose whether he rarely wants this – for example in Comfort Mode – or often in Eco Pro. In Sport Mode, the sailing function remains completely deactivated. The first test consumptions are impressive for a vehicle weighing around 1.9 tons. Well under five liters are in it and that without paying much attention to the functions.

More drives will benefit from the mild hybrid

BMW has not only created an extremely efficient mild hybrid, but also a drive system that will bring every type of driver an advantage in everyday life. The last point in particular is currently not guaranteed to apply to every mild hybrid system.

Text: Fabian Meßner

Photos: BMW

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