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What michelin has in common with the 24h race in le mans and formula e

The French tire manufacturer Michelin gave us the opportunity to attend a tire workshop as part of the Le Mans 24-hour race. It was possible to gain insights behind the scenes and this particularly applies to the tire warehouse and the workshop. 

At the 24-hour race in Le Mans there are two vehicle classes (LMP1 and LMP2) that are only reserved for prototypes. The interesting thing is that the LMP1 was fully equipped with Michelin tires. Most of the LMP2 and GTs also rely on Michelin.

Well thought out- škoda octavia iii kombi

He is the middle class horror who emerges as the winner on every budget question. The all-rounder for everyone who doesn’t need a status symbol but who appreciates a certain quality standard. A closer look usually confirms the positive impression conveyed by the paper. With the third generation of the youngest Škoda Octavia, the best-selling station wagon in the segment, the Czech automobile manufacturer and at the same time Germany’s number 1 import brand (market share: 5.3%) seem to be doing everything right.

What actually is a vibration damper-

When we visited Bilstein in October, there was not only a factory tour, but also a little technical training with a focus on vibration dampers, as the shock absorbers are actually called. What does it do, why do I need it and why the tire alone is not the most important element in connection with the road, I am hereby bringing you a little closer.

“The vibration damper (shock absorber) is an energy converter that converts kinetic energy into thermal energy through fluid friction.”

We need more of it- volvo v60 plug-in hybrid r-design driven

The diesel-electric vehicle from Sweden is not new. I was only able to drive it myself recently. Which directly raises the question of why the federal government (i.e. the politicians in Berlin) does not subsidize such a car. A plug-in hybrid is much more effective for cities, i.e. a stupid, expensive environmental badge. Admittedly, the introduction of the adhesive circles was a while ago; More and more manufacturers with combustion engines and connectors are offering a much better solution! With the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid, you can drive around town much faster than some people think possible.

Wave-roadlog day 2- found the rhythm on the way to berlin

First sleep in. Forget it! Over 400 km are still on the target side early on Friday morning. Get ready, have breakfast and process the check-out within 20 minutes, that’s what we are tried and tested. But the disillusionment follows a little later: my dear colleague connected all the charging cables and locked the car last night, but – due to the exhausting day – completely forgot to activate the charging station at all. There we are now with a remaining range of 18 km, which corresponds to a charge of 13%, and a SIM card that is still not working. (The latter problem, however, resolved itself when the vodafone twitter account was bombarded with messages. Thanks guys, at this point.)

Wave road trip- Murphy’s law, scamming and the nissan leaf right in the middle – day 1

Murphy’s Law: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” A statement that on some days can be transferred to a full 24 hours, because it did – even before we started our WAVE road trip! Do you know this American image of a road trip at the beginning of the 70s, which Hollywood often took advantage of after mostly the young and wild ones lived: the tank full, not a cent in your pocket but a long journey without a certain outcome in front of you? Just to be on the road?

But what do you do if the tank is empty before you start and not even a single cent is in the account, cash is also overrated these days. This happened to my co-driver Daniel, who fell victim to a scammer and whose checking account was completely emptied – of course on the day before the five-day trip.

The new mercedes-benz e-class

The sedan and station wagon are refreshed first. The new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz is kept young with the latest technology. The new versions of the coupé and convertible follow a little delayed. In addition to the classics such as a little change to the front and rear apron, the designs are also simplified. The Avantgarde Line, which was previously subject to a surcharge, is now the basic version for the exterior and the halogen headlights are giving way to the full LED headlights as the standard variant. Multibeam remains optional in any case.

The new mini clubman with a subtle refreshment

The new MINI Clubman joins the current MINI portfolio with a slightly freshened design and the latest technologies in terms of operation and networking. The core of the variable five-seater remains unchanged. It is also characterized by the “split doors” (360 – 1,250 liters trunk) at the rear and thus differs fundamentally from the MINI 5-door.

Redesigned front with optional matrix lights

The main thing that has changed compared to the previous MINI Clubman is the front design. A redesigned radiator grille is also used here. New LED headlights with the matrix function are also available, as well as new LED fog lights with daytime running light rings. The LED rear lights are now standard and if you wish, you can also get them in the “Union Jack design”. In addition to the new body colors Indian Summer Red, British Racing Green and Enigmatic Black, the option Piano Black exterior and new light alloy wheels were added. A sports suspension with 10mm lowering should not be missing, as well as the new range of leather upholstery and interior surfaces. And finally, MINI Connected has a few new functions ready.

The new nissan leaf- aerodynamics and e-pedals in focus

The new Nissan Leaf, or rather the second generation of the Nissan Leaf, will celebrate its premiere on September 6th before the IAA in Frankfurt. The electric car will show itself significantly in a new form. Not only has technology developed, design has also become an important issue.

Second generation of the Leaf places a strong focus on aerodynamics

An important point for an electric car (but also any vehicle in general) is aerodynamics. In this way, fuel can be saved minimally, but fundamentally, or, in the case of an electric car, range can be gained. The new Nissan Leaf was consequently developed further in this direction. Not as if the still current Leaf is something special in this regard. If you believe Nissan, the new Leaf can now cover longer distances thanks to lower air resistance.

The new mercedes-amg m 139 4-cylinder turbo engine in detail

The new 45 range from Mercedes-AMG is powered by a completely newly developed 4-cylinder turbo engine. What exactly the engine brings in the respective models is still a secret, but there is now a precise technical insight into the new unit. As the successor to the M 133, the M 139 comes in two power levels. As a “normal” basic model with 387 PS (480 Nm) or as a massive S model with 421 PS (500 Nm).

Liter output of 155 kW even surpasses super sports cars

This means that the smallest unit from Mercedes-AMG not only surpasses super sports cars in terms of liter output, but also exceeds its own V8 engines. With 155 kW per liter, it not only easily outperforms the C63 S with 93.75 kW per liter, but also makes the top athlete AMG GT R appear weak with 107.5 kW per liter. It is clear that the demands on the durability of the smallest engine from Affalterbach are immense. In order to provide the well-known guarantee, the M 139 is also built according to the “One Man, One Engine” philosophy.