3 Critical Questions to CONSIDER Before Posting to Facebook

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

The ULTIMATE GOAL of social media outreach on Facebook is "engagement" — going beyond broadcasting to connect to your fans. Although some businesses might use Facebook to operate a vehicle traffic with their own websites, the more that folks are "Liking" and commenting on your own posts and sharing your articles with their own networks, the more brand loyalty you can build.

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3 Critical Sales Touch Points to Grow Your Business

Finding qualified prospects is paramount to growing your business.

An excessive amount of prospect communication results in as nagging, desperate and unprofessional. Inadequate prevents salespeople from laying the building blocks for good relationships. Will there be a middle ground?

According to a fresh study from Accenture, 80 percent of frequent B2B buyers changed providers in a 24-month period. In order to avoid falling victim to heavy churn, entrepreneurs and their sales teams can’t afford to play a guessing game with prospect touchpoints.

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3 Eastern Practices to Tame ‘Monkey Mind’

Maintaining your thoughts together will help you be considered a more peaceful and organized entrepreneur. When you’re thinking clearly, you’ll act more confidently and decisively.

The Buddhist term “Monkey Mind” is due to the observation that left untamed, our minds’ natural state can tend toward being unsettled, restless, indecisive and uncontrollable. However, the Buddhist and many more understand that you have the energy to tame your monkey mind and keep it to be able.

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3 Critical Steps to Reinvent Yourself or Your Business

Reinvention: Whether personal or running a business, it’s a topic that’s rarely discussed among those that only play by the guidelines.

One day we could have a realization that the existing position we’re in isn’t fitted to our lives. We may be trying to satisfy a feeling of validation in the eyes of our peers, family and friends. Many individuals will see themselves in a location where they need to make a change to prosper. Realizing that you should reinvent your path can be an equation that must definitely be approached from all possible angles.

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3 Easy Exercises to improve Your Creativity

As a business owner, your job is usually to be one step prior to the market, always ready with another big idea. Whether you need to design a fresh product or disrupt market, you have to be in a position to develop creative solutions for problems of everyday life.

Creativity often eludes us because we’re familiar with certain norms. "We’re highly socialized and also have fixed assumptions in what the world appears like," says Barry Staw, an organizational behaviorist at University of California, Berkeley. "You must make an effort to envision another world."

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3 Crowdfunding Tips Every Company Forgets From a Brand That Raised $800,000 and Got Acquired

Wearable brand Misfit explains how exactly to position yourself, avoid disappointing backers and keep things fresh.

Crowdfunding requires a large amount of planning, whether you’re gearing up for a launch, a ship date or taking into consideration the next way to obtain funding you’ll pursue. But it’s imperative to be aware of predicament in today’s, too, as anyone who has shepherded successful campaigns will let you know.

At CES the other day, Entrepreneur Associate Editor Lydia Belanger moderated a panel titled “Entrepreneurship 202: Bringing something alive.” The discussion followed the steps of a crowdfunding campaign — from drumming up initial interest and backers to factoring in distribution costs and communication strategies after and during the campaign.

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3 SIMPLE ACTIONS for Locating the Ideal Co-Founder

Let’s get to the point – creating a successful business is among the hardest things an individual can do within their lifetime. Everybody knows this, particularly if you have observed it firsthand. Knowing that, among the first things a founder can do to improve their likelihood of long-term success is to discover a co-founder (or three).

Within my raw fruit sports drink company Amara, I spent the first year as the only real employee, toiling through R&D, developing business partnerships and finding our first customers. From then on year it became blatantly apparent that if the business would make it, I would need a whole lot of help.

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3 Crucial Components of an effective Dual-Channel Commerce Strategy

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

It’s no secret that ecommerce is booming and that the continuing future of retail continues to trend toward the digital space. We’ve all seen the statistics about this space: $225 billion in revenue in 2012, with projections nearly doubling that figure to $491.5 billion by 2018.

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Clearly, businesses have to concentrate on their ecommerce efforts to make sure they get their little bit of the amount of money pie.

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3 Crucial Metrics to Measure When You Advertise In 2018

The brand new opportunities in the digital marketing space are reserved for the nimblest entrants.

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

As leader of a business that depends on generating leads and sales online, your role is to comprehend the dynamics of the digital space, to create the utmost possible ROI for your advertising efforts.

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3 Crucial Questions to ‘Fail Proof’ YOUR BRAND-NEW Business Idea

Risk is inherent but minimizing it really is pretty much good sense, when you stop to take into account it.

Starting an effective business is hard, but let’s not presume that entrepreneurship itself is intrinsically riskier than other activities that popular culture deems as “acceptable.”

You’ll never manage to completely avoid risk, either in your individual or professional life, nevertheless, you can mitigate it significantly by having a good game plan set up. You will need a proven system that may help you determine which ideas are worth pursuing in order that you don’t turn into a statistic of America, Inc.

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